Eva Kittay is currently Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Stony Brook University/SUNY. Throughout her academic career, Eva has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in philosophy and has directed many dissertations in feminist philosophy, feminist ethics, social and political theory, metaphor, and disability studies.

Teaching appointments

  • Stony Brook University/SUNY, Department of Philosophy, 2009, Distinguished Professor.
  • Stony Brook University/SUNY, Department of Philosophy, 1993-2009, Professor.
  • Senior Fellow, Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics, Stony Brook University/ SUNY, 2008-present.
  • Policy Ethics and Life Sciences Research Centre, Newcastle University, New Castle, UK, Visiting Professor, Spring 2011, Spring 2012.
  • Women’s Studies Associate, Stony Brook University/SUNY, 2000-present.
  • Sarah Lawrence College, Department of Philosophy, Fall, 1993, Visiting Professor.
  • SUNY at Stony Brook, Department of Philosophy, 1986-1993, Associate Professor.
  • SUNY at Stony Brook, Department of Philosophy, 1979-86, Assistant Professor.
  • University of Maryland, College Park, Department of Philosophy, 1978-79, Visiting Assistant Professor.
  • Lehman College, CUNY, Department of Philosophy, Fall 1975, Fall 1974. Adjunct Lecturer.
  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, Department of Philosophy, Spring 1975. Adjunct Lecturer. Outreach program at precinct house.



  • Interface Seminar: Bioethics and Philosophy
  • Analytic Seminar: Rawls and His Critics from the Margins
  • Feminist Ethics and the Concept of Freedom
  • Feminist Ethics: A Comparative View of Continental and Analytic Perspectives
  • Feminist Theory: Recognition and Redistribution
  • Social and Political Philosophy — Comparative Seminar
  • Feminist Theory: Focus on Feminist Ethics
  • Analytic Political and Social Philosophy
  • Metaphor; Metaphor: Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives;
  • Analytic Pro-Seminar
  • Feminism and Social and Political Thought


  • Racism and The Concept of the Human
  • Feminist Ethics
  • Analytic Philosophy
  • Contemporary Issues in Morality: Personal Relations
  • Philosophy and Feminism: Focus on Mothering


  • Ethical Inquiry: A Focus on Feminist Philosophy
  • Senior Seminar: Caring about Caring
  • Rawls, Theory of Justice
  • Difference, Dependence and Disability
  • Feminist Ethics
  • Liberal Values and Feminist Visions
  • Feminism and Philosophy
  • Moral Knowledge, Gender and Identity
  • Honors College Freshman Seminar: Progress and Its Discontents,
  • Special Topics in Feminist Theory: Social, Political & Ethical Issues
  • Moral Reasoning
  • Concepts of the Person
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Spinoza



  • Lori Gallegos Castillo, Attention as Ethical Disposition: Changes in the Form and Role Epistemology in Feminist Ethics (in progress)
  • Katherine Wolff, On Need (in progress)
  • Cara O’Connor: Rawls and Self-Respect (in progress)
  • Serene Khader: Capability Theory, Global Justice and Adaptative Preference Formation
  • Chris Kapospy, On the Ethics of Infanticide
  • Bonnie Mann: In Pursuit of the Sublime: Postmodern Goods in Feminist Thought
  • Sarah Miller Aging and Embodiment
  • Heika Felzmann: Psychotherapy and Medical Ethics
  • Gaile Polhaus: Understanding Across Difference: Thinking Interactively
  • Barbara Andrews: Reciprocity, Self–Respect, Reflectivity — A Theory in Feminist Ethics
  • Barbara LeClerc: Argumentation and Feminist Discourse
  • Amy Baehr, The Dialogue Between Feminist Ethics and Discourse Ethics
  • Eric Steinhart, A Cognitive Theory of Metaphor.
  • Sharon Hartline, Intimate Violence: A Philosophico-Legal Discussion of Violence Against Women in Intimate Relations


  • Outside Reader for Transhumanist Utopias:Rethinking Disability and the Bio-Liberal Subject, 2013.
  • Outsider Reader for Kacey Brooke Warren, Recognizing Justice For Citizens With Cognitive Disabilities, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2012.
  • Sam Butler, Public Works: Labor and Publicity
  • Andrew Smith, Deliberative Consociation
  • Sabrina Hom, Antigone, Hegel and Irigaray
  • Jennifer Hansen, Melancholia and Community: A Philosophical Investigation of the Meaning of Melancholia in the Lives of Women
  • Celian Schoenbach, Thought and Embodiment
  • Lisa Schwarzman, Social Justice and Power in Feminist Theory
  • Diane Antonio, Towards an Ethics of Forgiveness
  • Heather Bortfeld, A Cross-Linguistic Analysis of Idiom Comprehension by Native and Non-native Speakers (Department of Linguistics, Outside Reader)
  • Ann Cahill, Rethinking Rape: Implications of Embodiment
  • Kevin Melchione, The Aesthetics of Everyday Life
  • Ellen Feder, The Family as Panopticon: A Feminist-Foucauldian Critique
  • Jean Keller, Intersubjectivity: Its Role in Discourse Ethics and Care Ethics
  • Charles Wright, Habermas Agency and the Environment
  • Sherri Naas, Autonomy and Recognition
  • David Paton, Other Deception and Self-Deception
  • Noah Berger, The Comic Light as a Feather/Light as a Bird
  • Mary Sullivan, Ethical Discourse and Women’s Literature. (Department of English, outside reader).
  • Marianne Mclure, Women and Scientific Inquiry
  • Judy Russell, On Following Heidegger: Metaphor and Poetic Leadership
  • Janice McLane, The Metaphysics of Control
  • Larry Kupers, Language and Communication
  • External Reader
  • Sophia Wong, Columbia University June 2006
  • Yvonne Denier, Catholic University, Leuvan Belgium 2005
  • Sarah Hamady. Columbia University, May 2002
  • Maureen Sander-Staudt, University of Colorado, July 2002